Resume Writing Service and Job Interview Coaching

Let a professional resume writer help you create your winning resume and prepare you to make the sale on your next job interview!

Most of us have a difficult time talking about ourselves and quantifying our value on the job. By adding an expert resume writer and job interview coach to your team, you can jump start your job search and get the professional materials and confidence you need to stand out.

To get the interview, your resume and cover letter must let prospective employers know exactly what you bring to the table. And during the interview you must bring your skills and knowledge to life, painting a compelling picture of how you will add value, solve business problems, and become a trusted member of the company’s team.

Our resume writing service offers everything you need to stand out from the crowd:

Start your job search campaign the right way. Going through the process of creating a quality resume and cover letter will help you articulate your skills and strengths, quantify your achievements, and clarify what makes you unique. Job interview coaching continues the process, giving you the strategies to present yourself with confidence and authority.

Contact The Writing Coach today to discuss which of the following packages is right for you.

Choose the job search package that suits your needs:

Package #1: DIY

This package is for professionals who already have a workable resume and prefer to do the update themselves–with a little help! This package includes

  • One in-depth 75 minute coaching session, either on the phone or in person. During this session you’ll receive a critique of your resume and specific strategies to improve those sections that aren’t working, with the goal to turn your resume into an effective marketing tool.
  • Price: $150

Package #2: Executive Resume

This package is for professionals who have been working for a number of years and are ready to move up the career ladder. If you’re a manager, consultant, IT professional, or career changer, a powerful, concise resume is the first step in your job search. This package includes

  • One in-depth 75 minute interview either on the phone or in person.
  • A traditionally formatted resume for sending via regular mail, as an attachment, or for taking with you to job interviews and career fairs.
  • An E-formatted (ASCII ) resume for posting to online job boards.
  • Price: $450

Package #3: Executive Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Summary

Everything in Package #2 plus:

  • A traditionally formatted cover letter that presents your top achievements in vivid language and lets a prospective recruiter know exactly why you are perfect for the job. A great cover letter complements your resume and emphasizes the match between the job description and your qualifications.
  • A LinkedIn Headline and Summary that showcase your achievements and make it easy for recruiters to find you. A LinkedIn Summary is an essential component of a professional job search portfolio.
  • Price: $750

Package #4: Executive Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Summary and Job Interview Coaching

Everything in Package #3 plus:

  • Two 1-hour job coaching sessions, including mock interview and the most current tips and strategies on how to conduct job interviews.
  • Price: $975

Package #5: Job Coaching Only

  • Two 1-hour job coaching sessions, including mock interviews and the most current tips and strategies on how to conduct job interviews.
  • Price: $275

What Is behavior-based interviewing?

Most companies now use some form of behavior-based interviewing techniques. Simply put, you’ll be asked to demonstrate your competencies and behaviors by describing in detail how you performed certain tasks and solved problems in your previous jobs. You’ll also be asked how you would respond to hypothetical situations in the future. Additional questions are often asked to probe more deeply into your critical thinking skills and thought processes.

The best way to excel during these kinds of interviews is practice, practice, practice. The Writing Coach will help you

  • Prepare concise, compelling stories that highlight your unique skills and strengths.
  • Practice telling them until your confidence and professionalism make you stand out as the best person for the job.

Which package is best for you? Contact The Writing Coach for a complimentary consultation.

Why do I need an E-formatted resume?

Many online job data bases won’t accept a traditionally formatted resume.  Others will accept it, but will drop all the indents, line endings, bullets, and other formatting, leaving an unattractive document that’s difficult to read and won’t impress recruiters.

With a specially E-formatted resume, you can paste sections into any data base without worrying about how they will look.

Why are keywords important?

Many businesses scan resumes into data bases or use applicant tracking software that ranks documents by the match with the job description and the frequency of industry keywords. To make sure your resume rises to the top, the right keywords must be used in all the appropriate sections.

My Guarantee: I’ll work with you until you’re 100% satisfied with your job search materials.

Be prepared to excel at your next job interview! Contact The Writing Coach today for for more information.

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