How does the writing process work?

Whether I’m doing the writing or coaching you to write, I follow the same three-step process: Creating, Drafting, and Revising:

The heart of this part of the process, whether I’m writing or coaching, is the interview (usually via phone or videoconferencing). The interview is dynamic, spontaneous, and fun. I’m an experienced college writing teacher and business consultant with a tremendous curiosity about what people do. You’re the expert in your field. As we talk about what you do and the particulars of your project, we’ll uncover your story, and the core of your piece will begin to crystallize. Effortlessly, we’ll produce an abundance of material that will be used for the next step. In going through this process clients often have surprising breakthroughs in their work, with results that go far beyond the original writing project.

This is usually the most challenging part of the writing process, but very rewarding!

If I’m writing the piece, I submit a draft to you for your feedback. Since my goal is for the piece to reflect your voice and your objectives, it’s crucial that what I write is what you want to say.

If I’m coaching you, we can work in a couple of different ways: 1) I can guide you through the process of turning the abundance of ideas that we created during the interview into a workable draft; or, 2) I can write a draft for you, which you can modify and make your own.

Bottom line: If your document is going to work–that is sell, inspire, inform, or entertain–the reader has to believe you mean what you say and that what you say is important. Two revisions are usually necessary to get it right, to make a piece “sing.”

If I’m writing the piece, I revise it based on your recommendations and comments.

If I’m coaching you, I help you fine tune your draft until you’re satisfied it’s your best work.

Some questions we address in the revision stage are:

  • Is the main idea clear and compelling?
  • Is the voice and style appropriate for the intended audience?
  • Is the piece well organized and easy to follow?
  • Are the details and examples you used convincing, inspiring, sufficient?
  • Is the grammar/spelling/punctuation correct?

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