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Confused? Overwhelmed? In denial? The first step toward making a dent in the pile of application essays on your desk is realizing that you can’t recycle any of the essays you wrote for school this year. The college application essay calls for a different mind-set–it’s all about you.

While we may question the wisdom of making one essay so important, we must face facts: overworked and overwhelmed admissions staff often use the personal essay to make difficult choices among the thousands of applications they read. They’re looking for the students who stand out, not because they’re fantastic writers, but because they reveal their passion and uniqueness. They present themselves as interesting individuals you’d like to meet.

My best advice: Stop worrying and take the smart approach to your college applications. Treat the process like a business venture: create a plan, set a timeline, and find the experts you need to help you meet your goals. Working with a coach can help you avoid the common pitfalls most writers make and craft the essay that will set you apart. You don’t have to do it alone!

As a college writing teacher who has coached hundreds of students, I know what admissions departments are looking for and how you can increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice. Contact The Writing Coach today to set your plan in motion.

College Writing

  • Have you always dreamed of going to college but aren’t sure you can handle all the writing? By working with a coach, you can learn to write clear, organized, and persuasive essays no matter what your skill level or how long you’ve been out of school.
  • Do you dread writing papers and spend too much precious time finding ways to procrastinate? By learning strategies to free your voice and break through paralyzing writer’s block, you’ll take the first, most important step in developing your own writing process.
  • Are you not getting the grades you want on your research papers? Develop the strategies you need to feel confident about writing research papers: how to formulate a compelling thesis, where to find the best information, how to evaluate sources, how to document properly, and how to paraphrase correctly to avoid plagiarism.

Whether you’re an 18-year-old struggling with Freshman Composition or a 50-year-old returning to school, The Writing Coach can help. As a college writing teacher I have helped hundreds of students of all ages develop the writing skills to succeed in an academic setting. And, as a volunteer ESOL tutor, I understand the particular challenges faced by non-native speakers.

Get the college education and the grades you need to realize your dreams. Contact The Writing Coach and find out how coaching can be an affordable part of your strategy for success.

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