Writing Coaching for Academics

The Team Approach
When you’re burnt out, paralyzed, traumatized, or just plain stuck, a writing coach can help you overcome writer’s block and get the job done. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to go it alone.

From pesky conference bios to your magnum opus, I can help you finish the writing projects necessary for you to build your career. As your writing coach I can

  • help you develop a writing process that works for you;
  • read your writing for sense, structure, and coherence;
  • teach you the tricks of the trade as we work on your manuscript;
  • copyedit as a project nears completion;
  • incorporate strategies in time management, organizational skills, stress management, and work/life balance that I’ve learned (usually the hard way) over the years.

I’ve worked with people across the spectrum, from researchers to educators to practitioners. If you want to make life easier, if you’d actually like to “like” writing a bit more, maybe even have some fun with it, we should talk.

Don’t let “publish or perish” bury you. Contact The Writing Coach today for more information.

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Located in Woodbury, CT; New York, NY